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© Valerie Eccli

Coming from a family of craftsmen both male and female, drawing and later experimenting with various materials, was a constant companion throughout young adulthood. It was only after she graduated university of economics, that the urge of handcraft arose again, this time it stuck and manifested in precious metals and stones, graduating this time as a goldsmith master in Vienna in 2013. 


Since then, the pursue of happiness is making her customers happy, by combining existing with the new - the new in technology & design with the existing material and story that comes with every piece of jewellery. 


From this approach of melting and crafting, a new single piece of jewellery, developed into a variety of collections that now represent contemporary witnesses to be passed down to generations. Colourful, playful pieces to be mixed and matched with your existing treasures or on their own, giving customers the uniqueness, they are seeking.  


All items have been handcrafted in Vienna, with recycled gold only, either from our partner ÖGUSSA or from the customer and therefore no mined gold is used.

By doing so the life span of precious metals like gold and silver and gemstones is prolonged and a cycle created. 


All pieces of jewellery come with a history - if you would like that history changed to yours, adopted or altered, please book an appointment and bring your treasures to the workshop. All the precious metals and gemstones can be reused and redesigned, a journey we go together.

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